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Mistress is a dominatrix with a lot of experience. Financial domination specialty Mistress Brooke enjoys financial slavery, financial destruction, financial draining, financial ruin, and just worship through the purchase of goods. BDSM with sexy Domina in USA. Mistress is looking for submissive male and female to train. Now Mistress is available for sessions in the state of Texas. World class training and domination at its best. Sexy, tall, blond, slim dominatrix that loves to use her slaves. Mistress enjoys her submissive men. She forces them to submit, please and serve her. Extreme domination in TEXAS  and USA. Well equipped dungeon with lots of whips, canes, bullwhips, floggers, crops and BDSM toys. Goddess Brooke is one of the finest live phone Mistresses. Niteflirt BDSM phone sessions can be had one on one with Mistress Brooke. She offers best BDSM pictures, photos, movies and DVDs. Tease and denial, servitude and submission are world class and best. She offers bondage and discipline, boot, shoe and foot fetish, anal and slut training, feminization, humiliation. This Dominant woman enjoys cock and ball torture, forced masturbation and orgasm, toilet training, pussy and ass licking. She will do smothering, face slapping, spitting, electro and medical play. Watch her fuck her male and female slaves. Experience Female supremacy with Mistress of your dreams. Your BDSM fantasy come true. Domina loves to wear fetish clothes but she also loves to be naked. She teases men with her naked body and big wet pussy while wearing stockings, high heels or boots. She uses her feminine power to rule over men all over the world. Karin von Kroft loves to wear fetish clothes like: 6 inch high heels, stockings, lingerie, robes, gloves, leather, garters, full fashion stockings. She also loves to show her power by being naked.
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​Live Phone Sessions with Miss Brooke can be made through niteflirt or through Miss Brooke directly. If you want to have a one on one phone session then message Miss Brooke via email at 

If you want to call through niteflirt and need an account the sign up by CLICKING HERE
DISCLAIMER: This website is designated for financial domination and forced feminization of losers. If you are not interested in financial domination including blackmail then please leave this site immediately. By providing any of your private or public information to Mistress Brooke you are conceding she will use it for fetish purposes to humiliate, dominate, financially use you, possibly expose you publicly, and destroy your life in any way she desires. This warning is not to be taken lightly and if you find yourself unable to play out the fetish in its entirety then it is suggested that you do not participate at all. By contacting Mistress Brooke through your own free will as a consenting adult you are effectively consenting to any and all ploys she uses to dominate you including public humiliation, blackmail, financial tampering, forced intoxication, cuckoldry, sissification, cbt, and any other form of domination she might employ. You agree not to press charges or accuse Mistress Brooke of any crime. Any accounts which are jointly held with you and another party are your sole responsibility. If third party attempts to press charges or sue Mistress Brooke to recover funds you agree to fully participate in any and all legal matters including testifying on behalf of Mistress Brooke that you consented and provided access to all transactions willingly, knowingly, and consensually. 
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Mistress Brooke is a certified homewrecker
Don't have a niteflirt account? You should get one CLICK HERE. Not only is niteflirt completely safe but it's entirely confidential meaning that you can make devotional payments, tributes, and even have live sessions anonymously. 
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Paying with google wallet is really easy and fast. It's my favorite way of accepting online payments because I have the money for shopping immediately. GO HERE to sign up for an account.

Send payments to: brookiebabydd@yahoo.com 
Want to see me in person? Follow me on twitter for announcements of cashmeets. I give you a time and a place and you bring me your cash. This is always in a public location and I won't follow you anywhere so don't try it. Bring your cash to me or fuck off. 
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Live webcam sessions can be scheduled through Miss Brooke or through niteflirt. To schedule live webcam sessions directly with Miss Brooke email at brookiebabydd@yahoo.com.  
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Face to face is my favorite kind of domination. Some of the face to face sessions I offer are as follows:

    1. #CashMeet Sessions: Follow me on twitter and look for #CashMeet         on my twitter feed to find out time and place where you can meet me         in person. This is a limited contact face to face session because         #CashMeets are basically you just showing up where I am and         handing me cash. There is limited contact and very little conversation         between us. This is a great way to meet me in person for the first         time and to dip your toe into the financial domination world. 

    2. Shopping Spree: Shopping spree is when you meet Miss Brooke in         person and take her on a shopping spree. Bring your credit card         boys because when Miss Brooke agrees to go shopping she only         agrees if you have a budget of $1,000 or more. 

    3. Domination Sessions: Domination Sessions live in person with Miss         Brooke are only offered to verified trusted piggies. If you haven't         consistently paid, played, and had conversations with Miss Brooke         she will not even entertain the idea of a private session. Private         sessions take place in a local by the hour dungeon or in public.